Sourcing Talented Executives to Help Your Business Thrive
Clark Schaefer Executive Search professionals have over 30+ years of experience in HR, Business Leadership, and Talent Acquisition. Our experience enables us to recognize great executive leaders because we have hired them and worked side-by-side with them. Our team puts in the work up-front to understand your business and employees, so that we find candidates that not only possess the right skillset, but who are also the best cultural fit for your organization.


Personal Attention Makes All the Difference

Many search firms will assign you a search consultant who is unfamiliar with your organization and stretched thin with a multitude of conflicting assignments. At CSES, all searches are personally conducted by one of our practice leaders who works with you from onboarding until successful completion of the search.

We Don’t Do Research, We Gain Understanding

Many recruiters claim to do research but they are just combing through the same exhausted databases. CSES takes the time to learn about your organization and stays involved with your progress. Understanding our clients allows us to develop people strategies that provide for continued success as you grow.

Real-World Experience Sourcing Talented Executives

An executive recruiter who offers real-world executive experience has a clear advantage. We have decades of experience hiring and working alongside executives in large organizations, which allows us to recognize great leadership when we see it.

Our Candidates Are Treated Like Clients

Whomever is conducting your candidate search represents your company and your brand. Too often, search professionals can go weeks without updating candidates on how the process is moving or they treat candidates dismissively. At CSES, we are committed to treating all candidates like our clients so that we represent your organization in the best possible light.

Interviews Are More Than a Resume Review

Confirming a candidate’s experience is obviously important, but what is equally important is learning what is not on the resume. We dive deep to determine whether the candidate is a good personal and cultural fit in addition to their technical competencies. Our real-world experience means we know how to provide meaningful insight relevant to you and your goals.

Navigating the Negotiation

Final negotiations can include many complex issues like work-from-home arrangements, relocation, and employment contracts. Our team has completed dozens of employment contracts and initiated hundreds of relocations. We understand the emotional upheaval associated with these situations, allowing us to be a significant asset in navigating the final steps in the search process.