3 Ways to Retain Executive Talent

Often we, as corporate recruiters, are asked, “How can we keep our top talent from being recruited away?” Retaining executive talent is a top priority for organizations looking to maintain their competitive edge in today’s competitive business landscape. Losing top performers can be costly and disruptive, leading to talent gaps and potential negative impacts on team morale and productivity. 

To address this challenge, companies need to proactively develop strategies to retain their executive talent. In this article, we will explore three key ways organizations can retain their top executives and keep them engaged and committed to their roles and the company’s long-term success.

1. Build development plans for your top performers.

From an executive search perspective, we find it easy to recruit candidates from companies that do not have a plan for their top performers. Employers sometimes think that they are at low risk of losing a top performer because they have a history with the employee, they regularly give them praise, and they keep them challenged. But this is not enough. Top performers need to know what is next for them, and they need specificity.

2. Ensure your executives have a path for growth.

When we start a new search, we identify with our clients not only the current position they are offering but what the next growth opportunity will be and the approximate timing. That way, when we go to recruit a great candidate, we have a two-step career plan to discuss with them. If they do not have a plan for what is next at their current company, they will take our call and listen. If they have a clear plan at their current employer and know what position they are being groomed for and when to expect the promotion or job expansion, they will hang up on us as recruiters. 


3. Don’t assume they are happy.

Trust and effective communication are essential in any workplace. Assuming that executives are happy without actively listening to their feedback or concerns can erode trust and communication channels. The bottom line is that to keep your top talent, you must create an environment of growth and not just assume they are happy.

Retaining executive talent not only helps your bottom line and improves your company culture, but it prevents highly experienced recruiters from having a conversation starter with your top talent. Every company and organization have people that they never, ever want to lose. We identify the superstars who can not only lead your organization but find fulfillment and personal growth in the role.

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